Friday, October 3, 2014

Night of Terror #3: 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast' - "Curses"

Editor's note: I originally wanted to review a different episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, "Snatch," but I couldn't remember which DVD it was on and guessed wrong. Luckily, the disc in question did have a different episode of macabre incident, this one about cannibalism. 31 Nights of Terror apologizes for this error, and hopes to have a review of "Snatch" up sometime later this month. Thank you.

I recently wrote an article for an obscenely successful purveyor of Online Content (no, I will not link to it), and in typical courageously subversive fashion I managed to sneak in a paragraph or two about what is probably my favorite TV comedy of all time, Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I bring it up because doing so served as a reminder of how important this show has been to me over the years, and the moment I decided to switch to a no-movies format for the blog this year was when I realized I could do at least one write-up of Space Ghost in the process (well, that and porn, but more on that at a later date).

Luckily for my seasonally-dependent premise here, "Curses" is not only surprisingly Halloween-appropriate, but a certified Space Ghost classic, ten minutes of all killer and no filler. For the audience, that is -  from Space Ghost's point of view, there's plenty of filler. Basically, supervillain Future Man (a rare instance of Space Ghost's former profession as a superhero actually being honored on the show) infects SG with a toxic gas that curses him to crave human flesh ("Seriously?," Space Ghost responds). It goes into effect when Moby is on the Ghost Planet, but Moby's bony head isn't quite enough to satisfy Space Ghost's inhuman cravings. There's a lot of belching. Spooky!

One of my favorite bits from "Curses" is Space Ghost's recurring calls for a "meeting," met by a jump cut to Space Ghost, Zorak, and Moltar in the control room conferring with characteristic non-sequiturs (although this was my first time seeing this episode and realizing that Zorak's "stinks" and Moltar's "Pasadena" were actually references to Ben Stiller's movie idea, not just random utterances. Maturity has its rewards).

This is all coming out kind of dorky in print, so I guess I'll just stop here. You can actually watch the episode though, and all will become clear. If you've never watched Space Ghost Coast to Coast before, this is probably as good a place to start as any, unless you're sensitive towards cannibalism jokes:

Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Curses by TheBrakAttack

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