Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Night of Terror #14: 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast' - "Snatch"

Nobody can hear you, Space Ghost. We've been off the air for ten days.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers has to be one of the most told and re-told stories on the screen, with several official remakes and countless unlicensed knockoffs. I have a soft spot for all of them, but my favorite is undoubtedly this episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, "Snatch."

This is one of those Space Ghost episodes when the already tenuous talk show format is pretty much abandoned entirely in favor of creeping dread and bizarre non-sequiturs. The only "guest," such as he is, is Steven Wright, who may hold the distinction of being the Coast to Coast guest whose own sensibility meshes the most harmoniously with the show. The methodology behind the interviews on this show is perennially a little hazy to me, but nevertheless Wright seems up for everything, from checking out cartoon space porn to dealing with replicating pods and The Blob.

That reminds me, this isn't just a Body Snatchers riff but it becomes a The Blob sequel as well, when The Blob surrounds the Ghost Planet and traps the gang inside with the pods. It's a perfect recipe for the intersection of suspense - they can't get out, no one can get in, and they can't go to sleep or else they'll get replicated.

Anyway, Space Ghost conceives of a brilliant plan to get rid of both the replicating pods and The Blob in one fell swoop, but then Moltar messes it all up and they all have to go back to swilling coffee. Then everyone dies.


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