Monday, October 13, 2014

Night of Terror #12: An Episode of 'Thriller' I Was Halfway Paying Attention To

When I decided to watch some of the 1960s anthology series Thriller this October, I was under the misapprehension that it had a strong start as a revered horror series and thus would make great Halloween viewing. I learned after I started watching the show that fans consider the early episodes pretty boring compared to what came later (how many of these do I have to slog through before I get to the good stuff, I wonder), but I was still skeptical after watching the first episode and enjoying it quite a bit. The next three have been really boring, though, including "The Mark of the Hand," which I had on my TV while I messed around on Facebook on my phone.

Here's what I was able to gather: This is the second Thriller about a kid with a gun, although this time the whole plot hinges on whether or not the kid actually shot the murder victim. Spoiler alert: She didn't, and the whole thing was actually a methodical murder plot perpetrated by ... someone. I guess I won't give it away, and anyway the details are a little fuzzy, and also don't watch this.

Directed by Paul Henreid!

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