Monday, September 30, 2013

Introduction: Government Shutdown Edition

Howdy folks. I'm taking a minute in between foraging for food and interviewing applicants for my roving cannibal cult to introduce you to part 3 of my ongoing 31 Nights of Whatever project. Here's how it works: I (and my cabal of friends and associates) will watch and write up a horror (or otherwise Halloween-related) movie at the rate of one per day.

It's a pretty heavy project to add on top of my already borderline-pathological movie-watching schedule, but it's fun and I always have a lot of cool people to help out so it should be a good time. This year I plan on watching a lot of Italian horror, some Val Lewton, and throw in some stuff I'm seeing around town (the Austin Film Society is doing a couple of horror series which should provide good fodder for the blog).

If you'd like to write about a scary movie you're fond of (or that's important to you for some other reason), shoot me a comment or message me somehow and I'll slot you in. I'm really lazy so I always appreciate people joining in.

So, welcome. In the way of closing I'd like to offer some preemptive apologies:

- Sorry that the blog looks so shitty and unprofessional, I don't know anything about blogs + I think it's kind of funny.

- Sorry for watching so many Fulci and Argento movies, I swear I'm not a creep.

- Sorry for making posts really late at night, as Count Orlock says in FW Murnau's classic film Nosferatu, "I keep odd hours."

- Sorry for letting Oswald write about Jack Reacher.

Have a great October!